What is Polyurethane Foam?

Spray Foam Close upSpray Polyurethane  Foam (SPF)  Is a sprayed Plastic that expands once sprayed and fills in all spaces leaving no room for unwanted air flow, no food source for unwanted insects, blocks out noise and helps cut back on electric bills. Depending on the Desired use SPF can take on difference properties that will enhance its look if desired, such as changing its color for open air areas. SPF is sprayed with special tools and trained professionals, when done right SPF is a powerful construction aid.

What are the Benefits of Spray Polyurethane Foam?

SPF helps produce good in door air quality, Contains no Formaldehyde chemicals making it environmentally friendly and is energy efficient.  SPF Is Durable, proven to hold up over time maintaining physical properties. SPF can act in the place of other products such as, weather barriers, sealants, Air barriers, fiberglass insulation and vapor retarders. All these qualities combined make SPF a very special product. Depending on the installer you choose, SPF comes out to costing not much more than old fashioned Fiberglass Insulation and the benefits are far superior and long lasting. SPF is The better choice when choosing Insulation.

It has been said many times that SPF Is Energy Efficient. This may lead you to ask;

What makes Polyurethane Foam Energy Efficient?

  • Eliminates water and wind intrusion
  • Effective in High and Low Temperatures
  • Controls Moisture and condensation
  • High R-Value per inch
  • Eliminates Air Infiltration
  • Tightly Seals all cracks and areas Air will escape
  • Unharmed by Water
  • No harmful Emissions

Spray foam is highly beneficial for pier and beam homes, you can feel the difference immediately. Pier and beam homes are at risk of wind drafts making the floor cold, critters making nest and bugs SPF takes care of all these problems. SPF Also  Aids in providing Strength to the structure, proving beneficial in extreme weather situations. Safe for your health, your family and pets.Spray foam does not produce harmful Gases nor does it contain or release formaldehyde.

Spray Foam is the right choice when it comes to value, energy efficiency, and health.

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