Additional Spray foam facts

Insulation: Sprayed In Place

Fiberglass insulation is still beneficial for some projects but for the most part this method is dying trend with good reason. Spray foam insulation has so many features to offer making your home more energy efficient, sound proof and structurally sound that any other method of insulation.
Insulation applied by spraying offers more flexibility when insulating custom homes with their unique walls and ceilings.
This gives custom home builders a marketable advantage over their competitors by being environmentally friendly. Spray foam dries in

Sound Control

Since there is no controlling the noises going on around you such as road noise, construction, running plumbing and more, these unwanted noises can invade your comfort in your home. Those sounds most commonly travel through air, by sealing the building, spray foam effectively minimized unwanted airborne sounds.

Increased Structural Integrity

By its nature, SF adds to structural integrity. Closed cell insulation provides additional shear value to the structure walls since when applied it forms a rigid bond between walls studs and sheathing. With this added rigidity, there will be less wall movement due to shaking and vibration. Additionally your walls have greater than code required resistance to “racking events” such as hurricanes or other strong wind.

Wait, isn’t Spray Foam NEW, can I really trust it?

Although Spray Foam is growing in popularity now more than ever, SF has been around for over 2 decades! SF has been used to fill sofa cushions, car dashboards and its insulation properties have made it ideal for refrigerator walls, tanks, refrigerated tractor trailers, and the home building envelope. SF has proven its worth over and over again making it one of the most used insulation applications today.


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