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When planning your new home or building one for a client, there are so many things to think about. The expense for a new home can pile up quickly so you would no double like to save money any way possible while building a new home without loosing quality. Since New construction can be stressful and at times frustrating with all the decisions to make sometimes over looking the cost of running the home after it is built gets over looked. With so many energy saving things you could do for your new home such as low flow toilets, double pain windows and what kind of insulation is the best… these things should be considered with the planning phase of the project. Hopefully this article will make one decision a bit easier. Unlike buying a home that is already constructed with a new home you have the ability to make choices for your home that will make your home structurally sound and more energy efficient lowering your monthly electric cost. Spray foam is a great choice for new construction and is leading the charts for Insulation of choice with new construction home owners. Why is this? Spray foam provides a multitude of benefits such as:

  • Complete coverage. There is no room for air leaks which would be  wasting your money. Complete coverage makes your home more energy efficient making your home a more comfortable climate.
  • Unlike fiberglass insulation spray foam provides no food for bugs and other unwanted critters. Fiberglass insulation is a dying trend for many reasons.
  • Advanced spray foam uses green materials. This means a safe product for you and the environment.

Spray foam is the best choice for new home construction.
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